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Famous models that do not meet beauty standards

Long gone are the days when the modeling business got girls exclusively with perfect looks. Today, the fair sex with non-standard facial features or figure have the same chance to become a professional model, how many beauties that meet the standards of beauty. 

Anok Yai  19-year-old girl with coal-black skin color got into the frame of a famous photographer during one of the music festivals in the United States. The picture interested model Agency Next Models and it immediately found a beauty.  Somalia Knight  Ears have become the most prominent part of Somalia. As a child she was very from complexes about it. All the fault of ridicule and bullying by peers. A few years later, she realized that she could turn the main drawback into a real advantage, which would open the door for her in the modeling business. Today, Somalia is a promising model, in cooperation with which many successful brands are interested. Her spare time she tries to spend time with your teenagers, who also have complexes about their appearance.  Brunett Of Moffi  The famous model suffers from strabismus, which can not be hidden. On a happy occasion, she managed to be on the cover of a popular magazine. It was at that moment that the girl's life turned upside down. Brunett repeatedly thought about surgery to correct strabismus. But she always found excuses not to. The model has never regretted her decision. If she did make a correction, the modeling business for her, perhaps, would be closed.  Amy Deanna The model with pigmentation disorders is the Ambassador of the brand of decorative cosmetics.    Madeline Stewart  Australian Madeline Stewart, the first of the "solar children" has become a professional model. She starred for the covers of glossy magazines, participates in fashion shows, supports charity projects and for several years remains a favorite of subscribers in social networks. For the sake of his dream to become a model girl, like many people with down syndrome, overweight, lost more than 20 pounds. Her diligent training and posts-reports of success in weight loss in the network followed all the majority of subscribers. When Madeline's dream came true and fashion houses started to sign contracts with her one by one, she was already incredibly popular.  Ilke Brul    Perhaps one of the most unusual models, which is currently very popular. Custom appearance Ilke due to its disease - splitting face. To solve the problem, she went through a lot of plastic surgery. But it did not bring significant changes. However, this situation did not prevent the girl from becoming a successful model.

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